English Rental Agreement

Motorcycle Rental Agreement

Article 1: Standard Service Agreement

  1. This contract will cover the terms and conditions of renting from Nirindocoro Group. The following will defining basic matters of the agreement between the company and the customer.
  2. Services will only be provided for customers who sign and agree to the following conditions.

Article 2: Motorcycle Rental Agreement

  1. In order to rent from this company, the renter must be at least twenty (20) years of age.
  2. The renter is required to provide a copy of the following three items
    • ① Passport
    • ② International motorcycle license
    • ③ Motorcycle license of renter’s home country
  3. Rental fees may only be paid by credit card. (We do not accept cash or any other form of payments)
  4. All renters will be required to provide a home address, home or cell phone number, email address and emergency contact information.
  5. When the vehicle is returned, the customer and a representative of the company will together check for any damages that may have occurred during the rental period as well as verify no personal item have been left behind.
  6. In the event that the contract is broken, or behaviors that the company does not deem appropriate occur, the company reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement at any given time regardless of the agreed upon period.

Article 3: Extensions and subtractions of the rental agreement time

  1. If the customer wishes to extend the time of the rental on a certain vehicle in use, it is required that the customer contacts a company member before the contracted period is over. Once the extension period is approved, the customer will be required to come in the shop before the original contracted time is over and pay for the extended
  2. time period. (If the vehicle has reservations after the originally agreed upon duration, the company will not be able to extend the rental time.)
  3. In the event that the vehicle is returned past the deadline decided upon, there will be a penalty fee depending on the tardiness of the return.
  4. In the event that the vehicle is returned to the company before the deadline, the company will not give any refund for the early return.

Article 4: Accidents

  1. All accidents that occur while on the motorcycle, please gather the following information and immediately call the police and the shop.
    • ① State if the accident involved other people
    • ② Time of the accident
    • ③ Date of the accident
    • ④ Where the accident took place
    • ⑤ The type of accident
  2. If an accident occurs and the renter fails to complete the tasks in article 4 section 1, the renter may become fully responsible for covering all expenses regardless of the insurance provided.

Article 5: Thefts

  1. In the event that the vehicle has been stolen while in the renter’s possession, notify the company and the police.

Article 6: Parking Ticket

  1. Once the rental period is over, the parking tickets as well as the ticketed amount will be brought to the company, then the company will pay the police.
  2. If the customer fails to bring the parking ticket as well as the ticketed amount at the end of the rental period, the customer will be charged the amount of the parking ticket and 25000 yen.

Article 7: Fines

  1. In the event the motorcycle is stolen, the customer will be required to pay the market price for the motorcycle.
  2. If the motorcycle is totaled beyond repair, the company will receive the market price of the motorcycle
  3. If the motorcycle is repairable the company will receive the following:
    • ① Cost of the parts.
    • ② The rental fee of how many days it takes to fix the motorcycle, but will not be charged over more than one week’s worth of rent.
    • ③ The mechanics wages for the time spent on fixing the motorcycle.
  4. If during the time of the renal the motorcycle is damaged in any way and the damage is not reported to the company at the time of the return, the renter will be charged according to the amount of damage that is present. The charges will occur on the card that is provided at the time of booking.

Article 8: Insurance

  1. All renters receive basic insurance included in the rental charge. The rental charge as well as the charges for article 8 sub points ③ and ④ will be included. On the company web page, sub points ③ and ④ are optional but the company will automatically register any foreign customers into the optional plans.
  2. The insurance consists of the following:
    • ① Accident Insurance (Bodily injuries)
      A) Other person: unlimited
    • ② Property damage
      A) Deductable: 50,000yen
      B) Other persons vehicle: 20,000,000 yen
    • ③ Road service (1,000 yen)
      A) Coverage up to 150,000 yen (the customer is responsible for any other charges over the provided amount)
    • ④ Rented motorcycle repair (Up to one week is 3,000 yen, up to one month is 9,000 yen. The price is liable to fluctuate depending on the rental period.)
      A) Deductable 100,000 yen
      B) The amount provided for repairs will be the rented motorcycles retail price
  3. If any charges go above what is provided by the insurance, the customer is required to pay the extra sum.
  4. In the event that an accident that does not involve any other persons/vehicles (for example, you drop the bike) article8 sub point ④ insurance will not cover damages.
  5. Article 8 sub point ④ insurance will also not cover charges if the motorcycle is stolen.

Article 9: Compensation

  1. In the event that the motorcycle has a malfunction during the time of the rental, the customer may pick one of the following two options.
    • ① The company will replace the bike without any extra charges for the remainder of the rental period.
    • ② The company will fix the bike (no extra charge) and extend the time of rental (no extra charge) in accordance to how many days it takes to repair the motorcycle.
  2. If the cause of malfunction is because of the customer’s negligence, article 9 section 1 does not apply.
  3. In the event that the motorcycle becomes unusable and the customer is not able to complete the rest of their schedule as planned, the company will not provide any additional compensation or assistance other than repairs for the motorcycle itself. This includes taxi fares, hotel costs, etc.
  4. If the customer takes the motorcycle to any other motorcycle shop besides the Nirindocoro Group, the customer will be responsible for any charges.

Article 10: Cancelations

  1. If the customer wishes to cancel reservations, cancelations must be completed two days before the time of the rental in order to avoid cancelation fees. If cancelations are made within two days of the rental start day, the customer will be fined 30% of the total cost of their rental charge. If the cancelation is made the day of the rental, the customer will be fined 50% of the total cost of their rental charge.
  2. If cancelations are due to questionable motorcycle riding weather, cancelation charges will be waved.

Article 11: Prohibited Actions

  1. The renter may not let any other person operate the motorcycle at any given time.
  2. The renter is not permitted to sell the motorcycle or any other rented items. For example, helmet, lock, etc.
  3. The renter may not race, test, or remodel the motorcycle at any time.
  4. The renter may not re-rent or lend the motorcycle to anyone else at any given time.